Service commitment

Catering Technology Solutions are committed to the safe and reliable operation of your business 24/7 365days of the year.

We carry a large range of OEM spare parts for the large range of products we service. CTS ONLY use OEM parts to ensure the safety of your staff and customers and ONLY use genuine parts approved from the OEM of your equipment.

This level of commitment to OEM parts also extends to the NON use of grey imports and we only use approved equipment from Australia’s leading manufactures, importers and sales which hold relevant approval codes for use in Australia.

For extreme emergency calls at any time we strive to have a technician placed within your business within 2 hours to ensure that you can be up and trading again as quickly as possible.

Contact us on 1300 768 227 to see how CTS can ensure your success. Our commitment to your success is that we believe your customers are also ours, if we don’t look after them in ensuring a prompt response and repair time then they will not come back.

To book a service request or enquiry please Contact Us.